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BanksCuesta Translations LLC provides translation/interpreting services to help in the areas of diversity, equity, communication, and improved business methods.

Alejandra I. Cuesta-Monrroy and Carlos R. Banks are business partners who strive to ensure that the correct message is not lost in translation. Our strength is in Spanish and English translation and interpreting. We also provide contracted professionals to translate and interpret in: Spanish, English, French, Creole, Arabic, Somali, Portuguese, Mandingo, Swahili, and American Sign Language.

Our goal is to bring a cultural awareness to the table that includes others, develops relationships, and helps professional entities as well as people from the community communicate in a way that is up-building. Travelling is an education within itself and our experiences in Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Belize, Canada, The United States, The Philippines, The Caribbean, Norway, Sweden, Uruguay, and Mexico have shaped our diverse perspective on life, business, and relationships.

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Our Mission

Cultural competency is our strength. In our line of work we also like to refer to this as cultural interpretation. We help eliminate the barriers that exist between so many entities, organizations, and individuals by bringing a culturally competent perspective to the table. Many times language barriers impede profit for businesses as well as growth for individuals. Our background through living overseas, understanding the culture better, and being aware of the language, intonation and cultural norms; all play a role in how we help you communicate better.